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Annual Temperature

alta- January
     Low: 19 °C
     High: 29 °C  

b- February
     Low: 18 °C
     High : 29 °C 

c- March
      Low: 19 °C
      High: 29°C 

d- April
      Low: 21°C
      High: 33°C 

e- May
     Low: 23 °C
     High: 35°C 

f- June
     Low: 24 °C
     High: 36 °C 

g- July
     Low: 26 °C
     High: 37 °C 

h- August
     Low: 27 °C
     High: 37 °C 

i- September
     Low: 25 °C
     High: 36 °C 

j- October
      Low: 23°C
      High: 35 °C 

k- November
      Low: 22 °C
      High: 33 °C 

l- December
      Low: 19 °C
      High: 30 °C

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