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Cathedral Square

ImageEvery Saturday at noon the changing of the guards ceremony occurs at this square. The ceremony is an enactment meant to transport visitors back in time. The ceremony comprises of horses, an orchestra and soldiers dressed in uniforms from the Czarist era. To view this, tourists are required to pay a fee separately. Cathedral Square comprises of the following monuments:

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael: This was built by an Italian Architect in 1505 and contained within it are the tombs of the Russian rulers such as Ivan I and Ivan V.

Cathedral of the Annunciation: This was built in the late 15th century. It is well known, for it is the church in which the Czars were christened at birth and where they were married.

Church of the Deposition of the Robe: This church was built in the late 15 th century as well. Architecturally, the church is not particularly extraordinary. What does set it apart from other churches in Moscow is the stained glass. It is now a museum containing wooden figures and church relics. Behind this church; sightseers catch a stunning view of the Terem Palace famous for housing Russia's rulers till Peter the Great.

Cathedral of the Assumption: The construction of this church began in 1475 by an Italian architect. It is built of white limestone and distinguished by its thick golden domes. Tourists are advised to visit this cathedral in particular since it contains detailed English labels and descriptions at different points inside. Historically it is interesting since the Czars were crowned here. Moreover, the Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church were also inaugurated and buried here. Another interesting fact is that Napoleon's horses were stabled here when Moscow was briefly invaded in 1812.



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