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Festivals in Moscow - Russia

December Evenings Festival - Moscow

December Evenings Festival

Classical music is performed at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts throughout the month of December. These live performances are enthralling, especially so because the beautiful interior of this museum adds to the aura of the richness of the music. ...

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Fashion Week in Moscow  - Moscow

Fashion Week in Moscow

Fashion week takes place in the World Trade Centre of Moscow. Many local and international designers, fashion journalists and celebrities throng the city to be a part of this major event. Whilst only invitees can attend the actual event, tourists visiting Moscow around this time will be awed by the...

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International Peace Marathon - Moscow

International Peace Marathon

This was a tradition set in place 27 years ago. Two marathons are run; the first is a 10 km race around the city. This Marathon begins at Red Square and terminates neat St. Basil's Cathedral. The second is an 18 km race run along the bank of Moscow River. A large number of people participate in...

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Kremlin Cup  - Moscow

Kremlin Cup

This is an event that tennis lovers should not miss out on. It is an indoor tennis tournament that is held annually. The prize money for the winner stands at over $2 million. International favorites such as Safin, Ivaneisivic, Davydenko and Chakvetadze are amongst the participants.  Read More

Maslenitsa  [Blini Day] - Moscow

Maslenitsa [Blini Day]

This festival lasts one whole week. This was an ancient Russian ritual that was resurrected only about six years ago. To welcome the season of Spring Muscovites all over the city make and eat pancakes along with their friends and families. Apart from this, they partake in other festivities as well...

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Millionaire Fair  - Moscow

Millionaire Fair

Moscow is famed for the vast income differential that exists between the rich and the poor. Along with the poverty stricken, Moscow also boasts of a number of millionaires. This fair which is held at the Crocus Expo celebrates the lifestyles of the rich and showcases a number of luxury items....

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Moscow flim festival - Moscow

Moscow flim festival

The Moscow International Film Festival is one of Russia's biggest film festivals. It has taken place since 1959 and includes a large number of premières and screening of other documentaries/ films/ movies. This festival is mainly competitive and presents some awards such as those for best film,...

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Moscow International Motor Show  - Moscow

Moscow International Motor Show

This show is held every year at the Crocus Expo in Moscow. This is a tradition which began almost 12 years ago; car companies from all over the world exhibit their creations at this centre.  ...

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