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altTaxi travel is an easy way to roam around Bucharest. However, one must be careful to take only company owned taxis and not individual taxis. Company taxis have their rates for sitting and per km displayed on the back doors while the others don’t and, as one rider describes it, individual taxi charges are ‘nightmare rates’!
Regular rates for taxis are:
Sitting rate: 1.6 to 3 lei
Per km rates: 1.4 to 3.6 lei
These rates are much lower if you travel by taxi at night and much higher if your destination is outside the city center.
Taxi companies are given below:

Taxi 2000

Phone: 0722949494

Taxi Cobalcescu

Phone: 0723399451

Taxi Meridian

Phone: 0723.344.433

Taxi Confort

Phone: 0723369455

Taxi Cristaxi

Phone: 0723349461

Taxi Fly

Phone: 0727739441 

Taxi Grant
Phone:  0722123219


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