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Transportation - Getting Around in Bucharest - Romania

Buses, Trams and Trolley Buses - Bucharest

Buses, Trams and Trolley Buses

Bus stations and stops are found at every turn in Bucharest. The network is dense and busy because most people prefer to use buses to move around. Most new buses have a screen and automatic announcement systems that alert the passengers of an upcoming station. Most tourist prefer to travel on buses...

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Car for hire - Bucharest

Car for hire

Travelling by car is another viable but less sought after option in Bucharest. Rent a car company offices are found throughout the city, however traffic and parking spaces discourage many tourist to choose this mode of transport. Nevertheless, if you are travelling with family and are familiar with...

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Driving tips - Bucharest

Driving tips

Driving around in Bucharest may well be a challenge of a lifetime! Though all driving rules are strictly in place, traffic in the city capital gets rowdy at peak hours and long traffic jams are the norm. Consequently, finding parking space is also a hassle that one may very well avoid by taking a...

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Metro - Bucharest


Perhaps the most convenient and hassle free way to go about Bucharest is in the Metro. The metro lines (M1, M2, M3, and M4) are spread throughout the city but have more stops in the peripheral areas as previously subways were used to transport workers to and from the city center. Modernization...

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Taxi - Bucharest


Taxi travel is an easy way to roam around Bucharest. However, one must be careful to take only company owned taxis and not individual taxis. Company taxis have their rates for sitting and per km displayed on the back doors while the others don’t and, as one rider describes it, individual taxi...

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