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Shopping in Bucharest - Romania

Afi Palace Cotroceni - Bucharest

Afi Palace Cotroceni

Rich in the European style of shopping is the Afi Palace mall in Cotroceni. The mall has been built on modern architecture lines and stands tall with multi stories of branded shops, restaurants and cafes. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bucharest and true to its word of being one of the...

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Baneasa Shopping City - Bucharest

Baneasa Shopping City

Banease shopping city gives tough competition to other malls in terms of variety. It has 220 shops of all kinds of goodies, branded and local. The mall is huge with restaurants that are open from 10am to 11pm everyday. Given its corner location Baneasa Mall is visited by tourists and locals as an...

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Bucharest Shopping Mall  - Bucharest

Bucharest Shopping Mall

The first in a series of modern shopping complexes, the Bucharest mall was completed in 1999 and has since housed some of the most expensive and urban brands in the city. The mall is fairly large and has a wide assortment of goods available from toys to furniture to fashion apparel. Read More

Caresse - Bucharest


Men’s fashion apparel are designed with utmost care and attention is paid to small details at Caresse. This shop is well renowned around the city for its cut, colors and styles and it is committed to prove that fashion extends to men as well. With high quality clothes, the price tag is also...

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Cellini - Bucharest


Nothing like some glitz and glamour to go with your stylish clothes, Cellini offers the best jewelry designs in town. The quality of gold, variety of cuts and the authenticity of designs are like no other jeweler in Bucharest. If you wish to attend some glamorous parties while in Bucharest, take...

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City Mall - Bucharest

City Mall

Lacking the necessary shopping experience that a mall offers, City Mall is not rated very highly by the locals and more so by tourists. The mall has a clean and decent outlook and has a number of shops with everyday items together with a play area for kids on the top floor. However, most people are...

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Complex Commercial Rahova - Bucharest

Complex Commercial Rahova

The most popular market in Bucharest is the Rahiva. If you are looking for imported yet cheap items on sale, Rahova will not let you down. From produce to furniture to toys, all Chinese goods are kept on sale for people to buy in bulk quantities. The Rahiva market is always cramped and sweaty and...

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Croitorie - Bucharest


Looking for stylish traditional cuts? Croitorie has the finest tailors in all of Bucharest who are trained for sewing and designing dresses with a taste of Romanian culture. The tailors prefer you to provide your own material, however material can also be ordered at extra cost. Customize your cuts...

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