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Restaurants in Bucharest - Romania

Balthazar Restaurant - Bucharest

Balthazar Restaurant

The best attribute about Balthazar is its interior. Set in a restored villa, the restaurant oozes class and has a very classical and elegant look to it. The varieties of French food available are immense and each is served with a look and taste of its own. Staff is exceptionally well trained and...

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Bistro Atheneu - Bucharest

Bistro Atheneu

Bistro Atheneu runs more on its reputation than its ambiance. The owners have capitalized on its rugged and worn out interior and made it a theme in itself. You will find expired clocks, chimes and bells all around the place and an ancient cash register is proof enough that the place has been...

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Blanduziei - Bucharest


A lasting memory from the communal days, Blanduziei is a Romanian restaurant high on homeliness and a very casual atmosphere. The restaurant has a small summer terrace that diners love going to enjoy the summer breeze while they sip their preference of wine from the basement cellar. Only the most...

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Burebista Vanatoresc - Bucharest

Burebista Vanatoresc

With a country side feeling to it, Burebista Vanatoresc welcomes its guests with a homely atmosphere, rich with the smell of fittings and furnishers. There is an all time band playing loud cheerful music that is contagious and will make you sing along. Burebista has a good menu with large...

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Caru' cu bere - Bucharest

Caru' cu bere

Opened in 1879 as a small family restaurant, Caru’ today has a very loyal base of customers that are die hard fans of the home made delicacies served at the restaurant. The menu has quite some variety for chicken, beef and fish and almost all dishes are worth a try because of their great taste...

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Casa di David - Bucharest

Casa di David

A place labeled for the ‘nouveau riche’, Casa di David come up to the expectations of all that visit it. Famous for its ambiance and Italian inspired food, the restaurant is always full of people trying out new varieties that the chefs create for the guests. Servings are small to entice your...

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Casa Doina - Bucharest

Casa Doina

Among the aristocratic embassies in the northern part of the city, Casa Doina has developed a unique aura and a class of its own. With the most sophisticated clientele as guests, Doina has given a very glamorous look to the 18th century villa it’s located in with high ceilings and well lit dining...

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Casa Iancului - Bucharest

Casa Iancului

A small and cozy place on the eastern side of town, Iancului has a very well blended traditional and wooden look. The furniture is modern and stylish together with a romantic aura that makes one feel relaxed and homely. A full three course meal can be selected for about 86 RON including deserts...

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