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Hotels in Bucharest - Romania

Athenee Palace Hilton - Bucharest

Athenee Palace Hilton

One of the most famous 5 start hotels in Bucharest, the Athenee Palace has an array of activities and entertainment on their cards for u. Just minutes away from cafes, museums and theaters, the hotel is a top choice for most business executives and the high budget travelers. The rooms offer all...

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Crowne Plaza Hotel - Bucharest

Crowne Plaza Hotel

For a very luxurious stay in Bucharest, Crowne Plaza will be your perfect choice. Set in tones of wood and cream, the lobby is a wide expanse of leather couches and a peaceful leafy environment that speaks for the comfortable rooms upstairs. Crowne Plaza is located in a prime spot at a few...

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Funky Chicken Hostel - Bucharest

Funky Chicken Hostel

Perhaps the best attraction about the Funky Chicken Hostel is its name. A very cheap hostel to spend a night in, this place is a few minutes away from the Gara de Nord and the major Bucharest attractions. For 10 Euros a night, you can book a small space for yourself; however, the hostel lacks...

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Hotel Amzei - Bucharest

Hotel Amzei

Hotel Amzei is incomparable to all others in terms of style. The rooms are the best in Bucharest to spend nights in great comfort. They are styled in high quality linen, plush furniture and soft tones. The building has a look of a 20th century mansion, big enough to house 22 units, a restaurant,...

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Hotel Camelia - Bucharest

Hotel Camelia

One of the most perfectly located midrange hotels is the Hotel Camelia that is walking distance from the station, one of the major entrances and the city center. Camelia is a well secured place with cameras and guards at the entrance to give the guests a sense of security about the hotel.  Within...

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Hotel Capsa - Bucharest

Hotel Capsa

Perhaps the most auspicious and classy hotel in Bucharest, Capsa has its ties to famous political figures and leaders of history because it was inaugurated in 1852 and has since been a special favorite for recognized people. Capsa welcomes you with an unmatched aura of authority with crystal...

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Hotel Carpati - Bucharest

Hotel Carpati

This hotel takes you back to the ancient Bucharest times. Built in the 1920, the building has six floors that house 40 spacious units. Each room is large and decorated with old leather couches and antique telephones and a traditional bath tub! Carpati is ranked among the top budget hotels and...

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Hotel Domino - Bucharest

Hotel Domino

A budget yet sophisticated hotel in Bucharest, Hotel Domino gives a very warm welcome to its guests with its marble lobby and friendly reception staff. The rooms are clean and tidy with a comfortable bed, internet access, minibar, wooden furniture, central heating and attached bathrooms. Located on...

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