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Festivals in Bucharest - Romania

ALL PACK - Bucharest


Another one of the city’s business fairs, ALL PACK is a showcased event for the packaging industry of Bucharest. People from all over Romania attend this fair to promote their business and to gain knowledge on the latest technologies in the production and packaging field. It is held at the...

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Autumn Fair - Bucharest

Autumn Fair

One of the most traditional and classical festivals in Bucharest is this Autumn Fair. It is celebrated as a memorial for the great patron, Saint Demeter of Bucharest with the theme of a Romanian wedding that includes traditional apparel, food, church service and a local market for handicrafts....

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B-EST International Film Festival - Bucharest

B-EST International Film Festival

Marking the beginning of spring, the B-EST International Film Festival is an extravagant event full of glamour and style. It showcases the best films and actors of the years and holds the reputation of being one of the biggest social gatherings in Bucharest. Nominations are made for the best...

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BCR Open Romania - Bucharest

BCR Open Romania

If you’re a sports person, the BCR open games will be a good attraction for you. Filled with an aura of excitement and zeal, the tennis games are played by men as doubles and singles who compete for a hefty 450,000 Euro!

Phone: +40 21 2323 727...

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BEST FEST - Bucharest


Part of Bucharest’s summer celebration is the BEST FEST musical gala. Held in the Romexpo, the event is characterized by expert dances by well renowned dancers, DJs, party stalls and an audience of more than 80,000!

+40 722 704 191...

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BIFE-TIMB 2011 - Bucharest


Need furniture and fittings for your home? This event is the place for you to be. Exhibiting all varieties of furniture, wooden or otherwise, interior decoration items and small fittings, BIFE TIMB is held at the famous RomoExpo and attracts specialized people from all over the country. ...

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Bucharest Biennale for Contemporary Art - Bucharest

Bucharest Biennale for Contemporary Art

Culture and heritage are an integral part of Bucharest. The Bucharest Biennale aims at developing mutual understanding with different cultures across Europe and to gain insights in various cultures. A link between practice and social development has to be created so that cultural values shape...

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Bucharest International Jazz competition - Bucharest

Bucharest International Jazz competition

The Jazz competition is characterized by strong competition among various bands and composers from across Europe. Musicians present their compositions to win a prize worth 7000 Euros! Held at the Hard Rock Café, the competition sets out certain rules and conditions that must be met by the...

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