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Fast Facts

alt•    Location: Bucharest is located in the southeastern part of Romania on the bank of the famous River Dambovita. Its location is strategic as, being the 6th largest city in the European Union; it is an industrial and transportation hub for Eastern Europe.
•    Dialing codes: +40(international code),  21(area code)
•    Emergency: Police, Ambulance, Fire fighters, 112
•    Airport Enquiry: Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport +40 21 204 1200
                          Bucharest Baneasa International Airport +40 21 2320020
•    Population: 2 million in the City proper and 2.4 million in the urban areas.
•    Density: 8,510/km2
•    Language: The official language of the city is Romanian however, the urban elite prefer speaking English. In other small parts of the city, Chinese, Arabic, French and Spanish are also spoken well by the natives and previous immigrants to Romania.
•    Time Zone: UTC+2, April to October UTC+3
•    Annual Rainfall: 530mm
•    Highest summer temperature: 40 degrees
•    Lowest winter temperature: -6 degrees
•    Exchange rates: Lei (code: RON)


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