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General Information About Bucharest - Romania

Annual Temperature - Bucharest

Annual Temperature

Month    Min Temp °    Max Temp °
January:      -6                  0
February:    -5                  3
March:        0                   9
April:          6                  18

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Bucharest History - Bucharest

Bucharest History

Romanian legend narrates vivid accounts of a shepherd named ‘Burr’ (joy) after whom Bucharest was named. The shepherd was famous for the wine he sold from the city’s vineyards and the melodious tunes he played on his flute. He created a small settlement which was later named Bucharest.Read More

Bucharest Residents - Bucharest

Bucharest Residents

Romanians are ranked as one of the friendliest people in the world. They are recognized as cheerful, fun loving, warm, hospitable and witty. These characteristics explain the tremendous nightlife that Bucharest has in the form of bars and night clubs. However, the rich history that the country is...

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Bucharest Today - Bucharest

Bucharest Today

Located between the Transylvanian Mountains and the Black Sea, Bucharest is mistakenly an overlooked tourist destination. Its true beauty hidden behind old communal buildings requires tourists to dig deeper into the city’s colourful history and culture to discover the famous ‘Little Paris’....

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Fast Facts - Bucharest

Fast Facts

•    Location: Bucharest is located in the southeastern part of Romania on the bank of the famous River Dambovita. Its location is strategic as, being the 6th largest city in the European Union; it is an industrial and transportation hub for Eastern Europe.
•   ...

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Public Holidays - Bucharest

Public Holidays

1st January: New Year’s Day
2nd January: Second Day celebration of New Year
4th April: Orthodox Easter
1st May: Labor Day
23rd May: Pentcost
15th August: Dormition of the Virgin Mary
1st December: National Day
25th December: Christmas

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When to go? - Bucharest

When to go?

Bucharest is a city of extreme temperatures; therefore it is most advisable that one should visit in either May or September. Summer months of July and August are too warm with frequent power shortages and from December to February the city is blanketed with snow. If you like a cold environment and...

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