There are two types of taxis in Doha, both operated by Mowasalat.  Karwa taxis can be found throughout the city.  They're recognizable by their unique green color.  Rates start at 4Qrs, plus an additional 1.20Qrs/km.  At night and outside Doha, the rate increases to 1.80Qrs/km.  Be sure that the meter is running.

Limousine taxis are more luxurious, but also much more expensive.  Rates start at 18Qrs.  The per kilometer rate is the same as the karwa taxis, though not all have meters.  These taxis are unmarked.  They are often found outside international hotels and the airport.

It can be quite difficult to find an empty taxi, especially during rush hour.  Demand far exceeds supply.  Your best bet is to call the office and reserve one.

Karwa Taxis
Telephone: +974 4458 8888

Doha Limousines
Telephone: +974 4483 9999