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Transportation - Getting Around in Doha - Qatar

Bus - Doha


Doha's bus system was introduced in 2005, with only two routes initially.  It's run by Mowasalat, and the buses have the same distinct green color as the taxis.  Today most of the city is close to a bus route, but coverage is by no means comprehensive.  It is mostly used by poorer...

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Car for Hire - Doha

Car for Hire

Renting a car in Doha is easy and advisable. It is also costly. They are a number of car rental service providers.  These include:
Thrifty Rent a Car:

Address: Doha Airport, P.O Box 22550, Doha
Telephone: +974 462 1180
Website: www.thrifty.com Read More

Driving Tips - Doha

Driving Tips

Driving yourself is the best way to get around Doha due to the lack of taxis and public transportation.  Qatar's roads are generally new, with lots of wide arterials and traffic circles.  Unfortunately, they were not designed well and traffic congestion is commonplace.  The lack of public...

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From the Airport - Doha

From the Airport

Doha International Airport is located between the western edge of the city and the Persian Gulf, just a few kilometers from the city center.  A new airport, New Doha International Airport, is located just to the west and should be open by 2012.  Doha is quickly emerging as an...

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Metro - Doha


Traffic in Doha is constantly congested, and the bus system is woefully inefficient.  To address these ills, construction of Doha's metro is underway.  The first phase is expected to open in 2016, ahead of the 2022 World Cup.  Unfortunately if you plan on visiting before then, you're...

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Taxi - Doha


There are two types of taxis in Doha, both operated by Mowasalat.  Karwa taxis can be found throughout the city.  They're recognizable by their unique green color.  Rates start at 4Qrs, plus an additional 1.20Qrs/km.  At night and outside Doha, the rate increases to...

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