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Shopping in Doha - Qatar

 Falcon Souk - Doha

Falcon Souk

This is one of Doha’s most interesting markets specializing in the sale of falcons and equipment required in falconry.
Address: Next to Al Wadi Gents Saloon, Just off the Salwa Road Roundabout, Al Waab
Tel: none
Website: none

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Centre Point - Doha

Centre Point

This mall sells a variety of products. There is a Home Centre, Baby shop, Splash, Shoe mart and Lifestyle located here.  
Address: Near Sports Roundabout, Al Sadd Area
Tel: 974 442 1766
Website: none

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City Centre Doha - Doha

City Centre Doha

This is a famous shopping mall in Doha which is absolutely gigantic; It sells a diverse range of products. Both International and local brands are represented here. Over three hundred shops are located here. In addition to the traditional handicrafts, leading names in fashion, accessories,...

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Doha Souk - Doha

Doha Souk

This souk sells products that are more than reasonably priced. Goods sold include textiles, fabrics, jewelry, accessories and perfumes that are traditional in nature.
Address: Opposite Nasser bin Saif Souk
Tel: none
Website: none

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Gold Souk - Doha

Gold Souk

This market is a must stop for any tourist visiting Doha. The market is busy and popular amongst locals and tourists. It is arguably the most well known of Doha’s markets. Numerous stalls are housed under one roof selling gold jewelry. Beautiful necklaces, ear rings and rings of intricate design...

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Hyatt Plaza - Doha

Hyatt Plaza

This is another of the many malls that have been established in Doha to cater to the luxury lifestyles of the residents of the city. As in other malls, a diverse range of products are available here, from fashion to accessories to foot wear to music, to beauty and health products are on display for...

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Jarir Bookshop - Doha

Jarir Bookshop

This is one of Doha’s most famous book shops. A vast collection of English Literature is available here.
Address: Salwa Road, Ibn Mahmoud
Tel: 974 444 0212
Website: www.jarirbookstore.com  

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Landmark Shopping Mall - Doha

Landmark Shopping Mall

This is a famous shopping arcade in Doha which sells a diverse range of products. Both International and local brands are represented here. Leading names in fashion, accessories, footwear, sports gear, electronics furniture, perfumes, music and electronics are located here. There is a huge Marks...

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