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Restaurants in Doha - Qatar

Al Bandar  - Doha

Al Bandar

This is one of Doha’s better known restaurants. It is no wonder as mouth watering dishes are served here- both international as well as local. The sea food, in particular, is divine. The ambience is vivacious; the interior interestingly shaped like a traditional dhow and incorporating Qatari...

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Al Bateel - Doha

Al Bateel

Mouth watering Arabian delights are served here. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out these high quality dishes. There is a wide range of authentic dishes to choose from here. Don’t miss out on dessert. Some delectable ice creams and sorbets are served here. The ship like interior of the...

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Al Saha Restaurant - Doha

Al Saha Restaurant

Although pricey, the food served here is exceptionally good. For a taste of Lebanese cuisine come here and treat yourself to some unforgettable Lebanese delights.
Cuisine: Lebanese

Address: Grand Hammad Street
Tel: 974 435 5353

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Al Shaheen - Doha

Al Shaheen

This lovely restaurant serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is pricey but worth it. Reservations are required in this sophisticated and busy restaurant. The décor is wonderful, both chic sophisticated and at the same time simple. Customers are treated to breathtaking views of the...

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Balhambar - Doha


This is a well known restaurant in Doha serving delightful traditional Qatari dishes. Both meat and sea food lovers will not be disappointed; this eatery serves some of the most delectable sea food dishes and roasted lamb. 
Cuisine: Qatari

Address: Al Corniche, Al...

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City Centre Doha - Doha

City Centre Doha

For those on a budget, all of Doha’s famous malls house a number of fast food chain restaurants such as Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Hardees, Arby’s and Starbucks- Good value for money, great tasting food.
Cuisine: International/ Fast food

Address: P.O Box 22744 Doha Read More

Crepaway  - Doha


Vivacious and down to earth best describes the ambience of this restaurant. The crowd usually consists of youngsters who come to enjoy the live music and the karaoke. Dishes served include, soups, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and pasta. Desserts here are delicious as well and include Chocolate lover,...

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Greens - Doha


Stop for lunch or dinner at this fabulous vegetarian joint.  There is a diverse range of vegetarian dishes to choose from which are both innovative as well as eclectic albeit divine. These dishes include goat cheese fondue and garlic and bean curd tart. Veggie lovers will love this unique...

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