When to go

The best time to visit Doha is in the winter, between November and March.  Temperatures are cool and comfortable, sometimes even downright chilly.  The average daily temperature ranges from the low 10s to the low 20s.  Most of the 7.5 cm of rain that Doha receives annually comes during the winter.  There are plenty of outdoor activities, events, and festivals to keep you busy.

In April the furnace starts to turn on, with temperatures regularly rising into the mid 30s.  The real heat arrives in May and lasts through September, with highs regularly in the mid 40s.  And it's not a dry heat either.  Even at night, temperatures rarely get out of the thirties.  If you need to be in Doha in the summer, make sure you're prepared and stay indoors!  Many of the locals leave for cooler locations.  Those that stay behind rarely go outside.