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Doha’s Residents

ImageDoha has a population of over 400,000 people. Locals constitute a very small percentage of the total population whilst expatriates account for a sizeable percentage of it. A majority of these expatriates come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India; others come from Arab nations as well as from Europe and South Africa. Doha’s residents have experienced improvement in their standards of living and have shared in the wealth the country has generated as a result of the oil exports and the consequent construction and development projects, as well as the burgeoning tourism industry. The majority of the residents are Muslims, although there are many Christians as well as Hindus. The city boasts of a number of mosques as well as churches and minorities are allowed to practice their religion without the interference of the state. A number of languages are spoken in Muscat including Arabic, English and Urdu. The population is truly a salad bowl of various nationalities. The residents are hospitable as well as tolerant.

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