The Metro here is Lisbon is constantly expanding, useful for short rides and to reach Parque das Nacoes. The metro operates between 6:30am to 1am the next morning with tickets and prices based on where you want to go within the two major zones: Crown L and Crown 1. The tickets are broken up like so: one-zone single (in either the Crown L or Crown 1 zones) €0.85 and two-zone (both) €1.15. You can buy tickets from metro ticket offices or at their machines. However there is also the option of the Urban Metro pass which offers an unlimited number of trips within the Crown L zone for 30 days, this pass costs €18.70. There is also the Network Metro Pass which, for €25.55, offers unlimited trips on the entire metro network for 30 days.
The Lisboa Card (see ‘Buses’) can also be used on the metro as well as the Bilhete Carris/metro card. To find a metro station look for a big red ‘M’ sign; other signs are corrospondencia (transfer between lines) and saida (exit to the street). Children under the age of four travel free but must be accompanied by an adult.