Driving Tips

•  Traffic drives on the right in Portugal. Speed limits are 50kph in towns and villages, 90kph on normal roads and 120kph on motorways and inter-regional highways.
•  Be aware that road signage in Portugal is quite poor, especially at roundabouts, city exits and highway access roads. Vehicles coming from your right have right of way however just use your commonsense if it seems too overwhelming.
•  You can pay by credit card, as well as cash, at most petrol stations – sem chumbo is unleaded and gasoleo is diesel.
•  As traffic is busy in the city, parking can be a nightmare. So do as the locals do: use the empty spaces pointed out for you by them. You will have to tip the person doing the pointing €0.50 but it will save a lot of frustration. On street parking is usually metered with the price varying but with an average of €0.40 an hour. It’s normally free between the hours of 8pm to 8am the next day on weekdays, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday.