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Restaurants in Lisbon - Portugal

Casanova - Lisbon


A traditional Italian pizzeria with a lovely riverside terrace that is heated in winter. Address: Cais da Pedra a Bica do Sapato
Tel: +218 877 532
Type: Lunch and dinner Tues-Sat

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Cha do Carmo - Lisbon

Cha do Carmo

Address: Largo do Carmo 21
Tel: +213 421 301
Opening Times: 10am-8pm Mon-Sat

A low-key spot to enjoy teas, sandwiches and ice cream on one of Chiado’s beautiful squares.
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Cravo e Canela - Lisbon

Cravo e Canela

Address: Rua da Barroca 70
Tel: +213 431 858
Type: Dinner Tues-Sun

An innovative restaurant that is pure theatre: chandeliers, gilt mirrors and dark maroon walls. The food is served Asian style with such dishes like beef...

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El Gordo II - Lisbon

El Gordo II

Tapas like octopus in smoked paprika, pimento peppers and cod pastries make this place hard to resist; you can also eat alfresco here.

Travessa dos Fieis de Deus 28
Tel: +213 426 372
Type: Dinner Tues-Sun Read More

El Rei D’Frango - Lisbon

El Rei D’Frango

A restaurant specialising in grilled meat from salmon and febras (sautéed pork strips), it is promised that you’ll get so full you’ll roll down the street afterwards! Address: Calcada do Duque 5
Tel: +213 424 066
Type: Lunch and...

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Everest Montanha - Lisbon

Everest Montanha

Location: Calcada do Garcia
Type: Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat

Lamb kormas, gobis and smooth mango lassis are on the menu here in this restaurant which is tucked up north of Praca da Figueira.

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Gambrinus - Lisbon


Address: Rua das Portas de Santo Antao 23-25
Tel: +213 421 466

Arguably the place that serves the best seafood in Lisbon, this restaurant has been in existence since the 1930s. You’ll have to book ahead to enjoy the steamed clams and shellfish...

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Martinho da Arcada - Lisbon

Martinho da Arcada

Address: Praca do Comercio 3
Tel: +218 879 259
Breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Sat

Once a hang-out for poet Fernando Pessoa, this old world restaurant serves pepper steak and grilled cod.
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