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Praca do Comercio

altA square right on Lisbon’s riverfront, this place seems to out-do any place you’ve ever been to in terms of grandeur. High 18th century cloisters, meringue coloured facades and, of course, mosaic cobblestones, this place used to be the first point of disembarkation for the boats while now it retains its bustling history by being the gateway for trams and people going places. The statue of Dom Jose I sits primly in the centre, alluding to the square’s royal history; it is the original site of Palacio da Ribeira, before the earthquake. In fact the square has been the spot for much of Lisbon’s history; 1908 saw the fall of the monarchy with anarchists assassinating Dom Carlos I and his son. There is also the Arco da Victoria which pays homage to many notable Lisboetas such as Vasco da Gama.


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