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Visa Information

altPeople who are nationals of an EU country do not require a visa for any length of stay in Portugal. Canada, New Zealand, USA and (currently by temporary agreement) Australia can stay for up to 90 days in any half year without a visa. Countries in the United Arab Emirates are required to make a booking prior to submitting their application for Portugal Tourist Visa.


Documentation required:
Passport valid for six months from date of arrival with a blank page (possibly two) for stamping purposes
Completed application form
A copy of your travel itinerary which must be paid for (also keep the originals with you)
A copy of your accommodation details within the country as well as the originals
Travel insurance and medical insurance
A colour passport photo (at the time of writing, conflicting reports suggested you take three photos rather than one. As common precautions against the loss/theft of your documents suggest you always have multiple copies of everything, I suggest you take three photos)
Proof of purpose of visit by invitation from host/business partner, provisional ticket and/or hotel booking
Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay

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