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Transportation - Getting Around in Lahore - Pakistan

Buses - Lahore


Daewoo operates the bus services in Lahore and is the most reliable transport provider. But whilst the fare is cheap, the system is really hard to understand. Moreover, because the bus stops at the stands every few minutes, the journey to one’s destination can take a very long time. The...

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Car for Hire - Lahore

Car for Hire

Renting a car in Lahore is easy and advisable. It is however, costly to do so. Rates vary from 850 PKR a day to 6500 PKR a day, depending on the type of car rented. Tourists should find out whether rates include fuel charges. Tourists have the option of going for chauffer driven rented cars or...

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Driving Tips - Lahore

Driving Tips

Tourists wishing to drive around Lahore should keep a few things in mind. Firstly drivers must carry international driving licenses on them at all times. The speed limit must be observed and drunk driving is severely punished. Lahore’s drivers are extremely reckless so caution must be exercised....

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From the Airport - Lahore

From the Airport

From Allama Iqbal International Airport:
Tourists can take a radio cab from the airport into central Lahore or any other area. The cost of such a trip will vary depending on the length of the journey. Alternatively they can rent a car from the airport where a number of car rental companies...

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Taxi - Lahore


Taxis are few and far between in Lahore and travelling this way is not recommended. Whilst the fare is cheap, taxis are not air-conditioned nor are they always safe. However if tourists wish to go for this option, they should hire radio cabs which are more expensive but safer.


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