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Restaurants in Lahore - Pakistan

Aylanto - Lahore


This lovely restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine. The food is pricey but worth it. The décor is wonderful and the dim lighting creates an ambience which is both intimate and comfortable. The Tarragon Chicken, Atlantic Sole, Mediterranean Sole, Bernaise Steak, Prawn Tempura and Lobster...

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Café Zouk - Lahore

Café Zouk

This is one of Lahore’s better known restaurants and is never empty. But that comes as no surprise, since the dishes served here are mouth-wateringly good! Fairy lights deck the ceiling, fabulous paintings decorate the walls and loud music echoes throughout this café. Try the Calamari as a...

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Dumphukt - Lahore


Mouth watering sub-continental cuisine is served here with a wide range of authentic dishes to choose from. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out these really good dishes. The décor and the cuisine reflect the Mughal era transporting diners back in time. The paneer or cheese tikka served...

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Dynasty - Lahore


Although pricey, the food served here is exceptionally good. Chinese cuisine is extremely popular in Lahore and no place does it better than Dynasty. Treat yourself to some divine Chop Suey, wonderfully fresh egg rolls and chicken with almonds. The décor too is chic and sophisticated,...

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Fast Food Joints - Lahore

Fast Food Joints

For those on a budget, all of Lahore’s famous malls and business districts house a number of fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. Good value for money, great tasting food.
Cuisine: International/ Fast food
Address: Throughout Lahore

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Fujiyama - Lahore


Although pricey, the food served here is exceptionally good. Famed amongst the elite of Lahore the Japanese dishes served here are truly divine. The décor is chic and sophisticated. The sushi, teriyaki and nana wings are amongst numerous specialties.   Cuisine: Japanese

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Gunsmoke - Lahore


Vivacious and down-to-earth best describes the ambience of this restaurant. The crowd usually consists of youngsters who come to enjoy the live music. The waiters don cowboy hats and costumes.  Dishes served include a wide range of burgers and steaks.

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Karachi BBQ - Lahore

Karachi BBQ

Scrumptious traditional food is served at this eatery. The atmosphere is down to earth and the food un-fussed. Come and enjoy paratha kebab rolls, chicken haandi, seekh kebab and boti at this popular joint.

Cuisine: Sub-continental
Address: Food Street, H Block...

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