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Festivals in Lahore - Pakistan

Basant Kite Flying Festival - Lahore

Basant Kite Flying Festival

This festival was held annually signaling the advent of spring and was celebrated with great gusto. Festivities were held at various venues around the city on rooftops mainly, and included kite flying, musical concerts and barbeques. A major proportion of the festivities would occur in the walled...

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DAWN Education Expo - Lahore

DAWN Education Expo

This event, launched by the DAWN group of newspapers, the widely read English daily in Pakistan, is held at the Pearl Continental Hotel. The purpose is attract Pakistani students to come and learn of the opportunities they have by introducing them to various institutes of higher learning....

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Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal’s Shrine - Lahore

Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal’s Shrine

Like the shrine of Data Sahib, Baba Shah Jamal’s shrine is also visited by people, especially on Thursdays. This shrine is more popular since noted dhol player Pappu Sain performs here from 9 P.M. till the early hours of the morning. Watching Pappu Sain engrossed in playing the dhol is a...

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Horse and Cattle Show - Lahore

Horse and Cattle Show

Held annually in the Fortress Stadium, this event sees a diverse range of livestock converging in the city. It is one of the oldest events in Lahore and is looked forward to every year by the locals. The festival includes horse and camel dancing, bull fighting, singing and dancing, traditional...

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Independence Day - Lahore

Independence Day

This is an important time for the country as a whole, and Lahoris in particular celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Buildings, streets and roundabouts are all decked in fairy lights. The city truly comes alive with the Pakistani flags fluttering atop almost every house and building you can see. A...

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Kara Film Festival - Lahore

Kara Film Festival

This event is held annually. It started in 2001 and actually takes place in Karachi where this initiative was born. More recently the festival has travelled to Lahore as well. The festival showcases the art of film making and new and upcoming artists are presented here. The audience has been...

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Lahore International Book Fair - Lahore

Lahore International Book Fair

This event takes place annually at the Fortress Stadium and has been occurring for the past 24 years. The fair lasts about five days and the purpose is to promote book selling, buying and reading. A number of publishing companies take part at this event. It is a rare treat for children and adult...

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National Polo Championship - Lahore

National Polo Championship

There is a long standing tradition of polo matches in Lahore. The venue is always the Lahore Polo Club. These matches usually take place in the winter or spring when the weather is cooler. This particular championship is an annual event. The matches played vary from 10 to 14 goals. ...

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