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Lahore's Residents

ImageLahore has a population of 8.9 million. Like other third world cities, it suffers from high population density. The majority of the population are Muslims but there are some Christians, Hindus and Sikhs residing within the city as well. Urdu, Punjabi, and English are the main languages spoken. Lahore is the food capital of Pakistan. 45% of the residents are engaged in elementary occupations, whilst 17.5% are employed in the services sector. The people are hearty, down to earth, friendly and vivacious. Lahoris take great pride in their culture and language and are famed for their love of food and this clear by the abundance of restaurants! Poverty in Lahore is quite rampant, but at the same time, great wealth exists in small pockets and there is a great disparity in income between the rich and poor. 

More General Information About Lahore - Pakistan

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