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Driving Tip

ImagePakistan follows the British system of driving on the left.  It can be quite a pleasant experience if you drive in the posh locales of the Defence, Clifton, and the Seaview neighborhoods.  With wide avenues and clean roads, these are ideal places for long, leisurely drives.  In the rest of the city, however, driving can be quite a nightmare.

Due to ongoing construction and repairs, many roads are used as diversions and alternate routes are heavily congested.  Traffic is not controlled by the police, and drivers follow their own rules.  Even at prominent intersections, it is common to get stuck in traffic jams as there is seldom a traffic constable to control the flow.

Other drivers can be harsh.  They are always in a hurry, and never accept that they are wrong.  They never take wrong turns.  They didn’t hit your car – you hit them.  Beware of slow-moving buses and tankers.  Make sure you’re never behind them.  Likewise for auto rickshaws looking for passengers.  They drive slow and make sudden and unpredictable stops.  Bumping into them may not cause serious damage, but the drivers react like you dented their million dollar limo.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t be driving in Karachi if you don’t already have experience with this kind of chaos.  And if you do, good luck – you’re going to need every bit of it!


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