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Transportation - Getting Around in Karachi - Pakistan

Buses - Karachi


Buses are the primary mode of travelling around Karachi. They are conveniently cheap and are thus used by the majority of the middle and lower class commuters. However, the present number of buses is simply not enough to cater to the commuting needs of the ever-growing...

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Car for hire - Karachi

Car for hire

There are various private car-hire companies all around Karachi, and one or more are sure to be located in each neighborhood. Additionally, the newspapers often advertise these companies and their packages, and you can easily find one to suit your needs....

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Driving Tip - Karachi

Driving Tip

Pakistan follows the British system of driving on the left.  It can be quite a pleasant experience if you drive in the posh locales of the Defence, Clifton, and the Seaview neighborhoods.  With wide avenues and clean roads, these are ideal places for long, leisurely...

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From the airport - Karachi

From the airport

The only way to get out from the airport vicinity and into the city if you do not have a car is by taxi. You can either hail a regular cab after it has dropped off a passenger, or you can opt for the more expensive, but definitely more comfortable, Metro or Radio Cab. Their offices are located at...

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Taxis/Autorickshaws - Karachi


The most convenient form of travelling around Karachi is by taxis.

Yellow cabs are quite popular, and can be found almost anywhere around the city. All you have to do is stand on a main road and wait for one to appear. Their fares are reasonable (around Rs...

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