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Shopping in Karachi - Pakistan

Ashiana - Karachi


  Located right next to the Forum - one of the popular and oldest malls in Karachi – is a comfortably sized centre for the little designers in all of us. Ashiana encourages the concept of endless possibility by providing shoppers with a vast variety of fabrics and buttons and embroidery. As...

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Atrium Mall - Karachi

Atrium Mall

Atrium Mall is most famously known for its cinema, as it is Pakistan’s very first 3D cinema with showings of some of the recent movie releases. It has very limited retail outlets but it does have a food court that suits all taste buds. This mall is located in Saddar, the busiest part of...

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Boulton Market - Karachi

Boulton Market

Boulton Market is a large - no, very large - wholesale market, one of the oldest markets in Karachi. It has a huge variety of items available in bulk quantities at very low prices. Some items of interest include toys, old books, caps and hats, shoes, and electronic items (non-warranted, obviously)....

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Dolmen Mall - Karachi

Dolmen Mall

Opened in 2011, Dolmen Mall is the first mall in Karachi that brought international fashion brand outlets such as Debenhams, Mango, Next, Pedro, Charles and Keith, River Island, Monsoon, Crocs and many more to Karachi. It also consists of a variety of international food chains such as Noodle...

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Electronics/Entertainment - Karachi


Rainbow Center: Missed that entire season of friends because of working late hours? Do not want to spend a fortune on the original DVD of that new flick? Want to be a software expert without agreeing to the End-User License Agreement? Welcome to the largest hub of pirated CD's in all of Asia. The...

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Meena Bazaar - Karachi

Meena Bazaar

Rumored to be the oldest women's market in Karachi, Meena Bazaar has lived up to its name. It is extremely cheap, and has everything for women. The expense of the market is rather difficult to judge from the road that approaches it, but once you leave the main road and enter the narrow alleyways...

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Millenium Mall - Karachi

Millenium Mall

By its looks, a mall that might have been designed to rival Park Towers of Clifton, but has not been quite successful in doing so. Its fascinating purple facade with dark purple tinted glass fenestration has somehow taken the effect of the dull high-rise apartments nearby, and the mall has lost its...

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Ocean Tower - Karachi

Ocean Tower

This relatively new, hotel-turned office building is located next to one of the most renowned roundabouts in Karachi – the ‘dou talwar’ or ‘two swords’. This 393-foot high building is the country’s tallest building in all of Pakistan, with the first four levels dedicated to retail...

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