The second unofficial food street of Karachi, Husainabad has evolved gradually yet steadily like its neighboring residential areas from the quaint little neighborhood cafes into the bustling food street it is today. People all around F.B.Area, from the Azizabad/Ayesha Manzil, Gulshan, WaterPump, Karimabad, Liaqatabad, Ghareebabad, and adjoining areas flock to Husainabad every night of the week with their friends, families, and dates. The wide main road of Husainabad has been rebuilt several times during the past few years as it regularly breaks down due to the heavy, unorganized traffic, and crossing the junction of the Husainabad/Aliabad road is a nightmare for drivers.

The most popular restaurants on the Husainabad food street are:

1. Tayyabi (Local)
The spiciest, most delicious, and very reasoably priced Kattakatt in town. Also offers fast food and selected local dishes, but the specialty is definitely the Kattakatt. Do try the Special Butter Kattakatt with the oversized parathas, topped with the special Raita(a curd preparation).

2. Ghousia (Fast Food/Local)
Fast food joint, offers various kinds of burgers, sandwiches, and rolls. the chicken burger is a sure treat. Also has a large variety of ice creams. The Mango and Crunch flavours are a must-try.

3. Silver Spoon (Fast Food/Local)
Another fast food joint, comparitively cheaper. Do try the Chicken burger with fries.

4. Mano Broast (Broast/Local)
Some of the best broast around Karachi. The chicken broast is quite cheap and delightfully satisfying.

5. Food Center (Local)
Branch of the popular Burns Road restaurant. Their Biryani is undoubtedly the best in all Husainabad, though relatively more expensive than all other restaurants here.

More Restaurants in Karachi
Café Flo (French)
Al Haaj Bundu Khan (BBQ)
Arizona Grill (Barbecue/American Fast Food)
Avari Towers
Bar-B-Q Tonight (BBQ)
Beach Luxury Hotel (Pakistani and Chinese)