Burns Road

Burns Road, Saddar, was declared the first official food street in Karachi pretty recently, but has, from the very beginning, always been the ideal eating place for all people from all classes of society. Located right in the  heart of the city center, Burns Road is a crowded two way road where you are likely to get caught in traffic because of the double parkings on either side. The restaurants along the road are packed with people at peak hours, and the roads are packed with even more cars, making it all the more difficult for anyone else to get across the road.

That said, the number of restaurants and the variety of food served is amazing, and will spoil you for choice. Ranging from small one-room ice cream parlours to large, multi-storey diners, Burns Road offers the very best in Pakistani cuisine. Primary menus consist of the very popular Biryani, Haleem, chicken and mutton Qourma, Nihari, Paaye, and of course, Daal Chaawal. Sweet dishes include Kheer, Zarda, Rus Malai, and a wide assortment of Mithaai (confectionary).

Some of the most popular names along Burns Road include:

1. Food Center (Local)
Specializes in Biryani, has separate family hall upstairs.

2. Mazedaar Haleem (Local)
Specializes in Haleem, all kinds of Haleem, including ranging from the very plain to the very spicy, from chicken to mutton to kabab/kofta haleem.

3. Karachi Haleem (Local)
The oringinal Haleem experts.

4. New Delhi Gola Kabab House (BBQ/Local)
All the barbecue you can think of, at quite cheap prices.

5. Agha Sajji House (Local)
The best Sajji (full steamed chicken) around Karachi.

6. Mela (Local)
A branch of the popular food outlet chain, Mela. Has a large variety of Pakisani dishes, may seem relatively less cheap.

More Restaurants in Karachi
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Al Haaj Bundu Khan (BBQ)
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