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Restaurants in Karachi - Pakistan

  Café Flo (French) - Karachi

Café Flo (French)

This is one of the few French outlets you will find around Karachi. It is run by a genuine French national, so you can be sure to find authentic French cuisine here. It is located inside the Alliance Française, and offers the best in Parisian dining in Karachi. Café Flo is...

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Al Haaj Bundu Khan (BBQ) - Karachi

Al Haaj Bundu Khan (BBQ)

One of the very earliest restaurants in Karachi, it has evolved only in shape and retains the high quality of its barbecue. The barbecue menu consists of chicken and mutton, both with specialties including chicken tikka, chicken boti, and chicken sangdana/kaleji (liver). The Bihari boti and mutton...

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Arizona Grill (Barbecue/American Fast Food) - Karachi

Arizona Grill (Barbecue/American Fast Food)

Quick service, warm ambience, and great barbecued and fast food.    Address: 20-C,2nd Comm. Lane, Main Zamzama Boulevard, Phase-V, Defence...

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Avari Towers - Karachi

Avari Towers

Located in the heart of the shopping and commercial district of Karachi and close to the major attractions of the city, Avari Towers is the tallest hotel in Pakistan.
It has several restaurants which, though pretty expensive, provide top-quality dining.

Restaurants:Read More

Bar-B-Q Tonight (BBQ) - Karachi

Bar-B-Q Tonight (BBQ)

Barbecue. Anything and everything barbecued. Chicken, lamb, Lebanese kababs, Afghani, Gola kababs, Reshmi kababs, Bihari kababs, Seekh kababs.
Undoubtedly the best barbecue spot in Karachi.
Spans over 4 floors: 3 covered, and one airy rooftop.
Advisable to make a...

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Beach Luxury Hotel (Pakistani and Chinese) - Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel (Pakistani and Chinese)

This hotel is home to an impressive 'floating restaurant' on the water. It specializes in a variety of Pakistani, Continental and Chinese dishes. The exquisitely designed interior is a treat in itself. Live music usually accompanies the food every night. The place is quite popular, and it is highly...

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Burns Road - Karachi

Burns Road

Burns Road, Saddar, was declared the first official food street in Karachi pretty recently, but has, from the very beginning, always been the ideal eating place for all people from all classes of society. Located right in the  heart of the city center, Burns Road is a crowded two way road...

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China Town (Chinese) - Karachi

China Town (Chinese)

One of the few authentic Chinese outlets in Karachi. A bit expensive, but good value for money. Dishes include sweet and sour treats like soups, salads, sauces, dry beef dishes, spicy chicken, fried rice, and fish and prawns.
Sure treat for genuine Chinese food lovers. Read More


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