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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

ImageThis is one of the few large churches/cathedrals in Karachi. It seats the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. A small church, believed to be the first Christian worship place in all of Sindh, was constructed on this site in 1845, and was named St Patrick's Church. The Cathedral was inaugurated in 1881 as the number of Christian settlers began to rise and a larger church was needed to cater to their needs. The smaller church was destroyed by a storm in 1885, but the majestic Cathedral stands to this day. Built in a Gothic/Victorian style, the Cathedral is yet another prominent landmark of Karachi, being featured on the Pakistan Post stamps in 1978 when it celebrated its centenary.
The Cathedral measures 75 by 179 feet, and has a seating capacity of 1500 people inside. The exterior of the Cathedral is extraordinarily simple, but walk inside and you will be left awestruck by the paintings, murals, stained glass, and numerous other decorations. There is a large statue of Christ the King outside the entrance to the cathedral.
The Cathedral is usually open to public, but there may be restrictions due to security issues, for example you may be asked to leave bags/purses and other personal belongings outside. However, this does not mean that you can be sure they will be well guarded - leave them at your own risk. 


Location: Shahrah-e-Iraq (Clarke Street), near Empress Market, Saddar.


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