Safari Park

One of the major recreational hotspots in Karachi, and a favorite hangout for couples. It contains a large "Safari" area, which contains animals like reindeer, camels, ostriches, llamas, and various species of mountain goats, that can be viewed from a distance in their artificially-made natural environments.It also contains large open spaces for walks, and children's attractions and swings.
The highlight of the Safari Park is the large hill located in the very center.  There are various options to get to the top. You could follow a meandering trail that leads to the top. Or you could walk up the steps that have been built at various spots along the hillside to climb to the top. Or, you can just prefer to "go natural" and climb the rugged hillside by yourself. At the top of the hill are lush green areas for walking, running around, and even playing football (yes, if you happen to bring one along). There are also food and ice cream stalls - but no restrooms.

Another major attraction in the Safari Park is the chair lift, which gives you a bird's-eye view of   the Park as well as the surrounding areas of the city. The tickets are definitely meager for such an entertaining experience. A pleasing addition to the Park is the "Safari Coach" service, which, at a very small fare takes you deep into the animal areas to let you view the wildlife at a closer range. An attraction for children is the mini train, which gives you a tour of the entire park.

Location: Main University Road, opposite Samama Shopping Center.

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