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National Museum of Pakistan

ImageThe most prominent of all museums in Pakistan. It contains a splendid collection of ancient objects, transcripts, and other relics from prehistoric ages to the modern history of Pakistan. The galleries are well organized and the ambience is one of care rather than neglect. A special mention are the exhibits on the Indus Valley settlements, namely the ancient Harappa, Gandhara, and the Mohen-jo-daro civilizations. Sculptures, coins, items and objects of daily use, toys, clothes, crockery and pottery, all portray the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan well before it came into being. A special section on Islam in the Subcontinent includes beautiful Islamic calligraphy samples, ancient religious manuscripts, miniature models, paintings, and the clothes and weapons of early Muslim invaders. The museum also contains an ethnological gallery which highlights the different races and religions, and the evolution and amalgamation of cultures in the Subcontinent.


Location: Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road, near Burns Road, Saddar. 


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