Merewether Tower

This is perhaps one of the strangest landmarks in Karachi. No one is quite sure why it was built. Some say it has paranormal powers to guide alien spacecraft. Others believe that it contains within it some ancient secrets about the city. But the most commonly circulating rumor is that it was built to honour the freemasons, which is apparent from the strange encryptions and patterns on its walls. Stand around it and ask any local, and you'll get to hear a dozen different stories as to the purpose and history of its construction.What is known for sure is that it is named after Sir William Merewether, who was a British commissioner in Sindh from 1868 to 1877 and that the tower was constructed during the years 1884-1892. The large clock in the tower was donated by the Karachi Stock Exchange.

There is no entry fee, because there is no entry - you can just view it from a few meters away, as it was enclosed by a strong fence after miscreants tried damaging what they believed to be "Zionist" symbols on its walls. You can photograph it as much as you like.


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