There is a small mosque located on virtually every street corner in Karachi, and each neighborhood has a large central mosque. Each town has one or more very large Jama' Mosques.

Some special mosques worth a mention are:

Memon Masjid:
Bolton Market, M.A.Jinnah Road.

This masjid,  located near a bustling market and a busy central road, was built before Pakistan was created. It was constructed under generous donations from the Memon families of Karachi. Grand minarets and large, uniquely crafted domes grace this masjid which also has a very large, open praying area.

Masjid- e-Tooba:
Defense Housing Society.

Constructed in 1969,it is also known as Gol Masjid. It boasts the world's largest single dome mosque - the dome being 72m in diameter, without any pillar support. Built of pure white marble, its unique feature is the attention given to acoustics while construction which reduces use of microphone and speakers inside the mosque. The masjid has a capacity to hold 5000 believers.

Newtown (Binnori Town) Mosque:
Newtown, Gurumandir.

Home to the scholars of the Jami'a Binnoria, it is one of the most important meeting places for the Tableeghi Jamaat groups. The mosque has a large interior prayer area, and a much larger external, open prayer hall. It is truly a place where you can find solace.


More Mosques-Masjids in Karachi
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