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Eid-ul-Fitr (1,2,3 Shawwal)

ImageThis is the most important religious festival in Karachi, and all throughout the Muslim world. After a month of fasting Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid. In Karachi Eid is marked with the special Eid prayers being offered in large open grounds throughout the city at times that are convenient to almost everyone, starting from 7:15 in the morning to around 10:30 am. This means that if you miss the Eid prayer at one location you are almost certain to find another one being offered a little later somewhere close by. The prayer grounds are filled with vendors selling balloons, toys, confectionaries, and other such stuff, to attract the small children who tag along with their fathers to attend the mass congregation. Also to be found are seemingly never-ending queues of beggars of every kind. Eid is usually a very family-oriented occasion. There are visits to relatives, neighbors, and friends, and this day is one of those few moments that you get to spend some quality time with people who deserve your love and attention.
All major shopping centers and markets usually remain closed on the first day of Eid, and business activities resume after the 3rd day.  


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