Visa Information

Visa Information

If you want to visit Karachi, for business, study, or just a leisure trip, you should contact the Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai for the visa formalities. Availing the facilities offered by the Consulate General requires timely submission of documents and duly filled out forms.

Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai:

    Khalid Bin Waleed Road
    P.O. BOX No: 340,
    Bur Dubai, Dubai.
    United Arab Emirates.

Telephone: +971-4-3973600-3970412

Fax: +971-4-3971975




Sundays to Thursdays
Receiving of Documents:         7:30 am - 12:00 pm
Delivery:                                       2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Closed on Friday & Saturday
Note: Emergency cases dealt with on same day even on holidays.


Issuance of Visas for Pakistan:

Issuance of new passport     Ordinary                             S even days          110 Dhs

Issuance of new passport     Urgent                                Same day              294 Dhs

Issuance of lost passport      First Time Ordinary          Seven days           220 Dhs

Issuance of lost passport      First Time Urgent             Same day             585 Dhs

Issuance of lost passport      Second Time Ordinary    Seven days          440 Dhs

Issuance of lost passport      Second Time Urgent       Same day         1,170 Dhs

Endorsement                           Urgent                                 Same day               30 Dhs


Power of Attorney                                                17 Dhs

Attestation of Educational Certificates            08 Dhs

Degree Certificates                                            12 Dhs

Affidavit                                                                  17 Dhs

UAE Documents                                                 26 Dhs

1. All documents issued from Pakistan are required to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan.
2. All documents issued from the UAE are required to be attested by the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

Payment can be made in cash only at the United Bank Limited (Cash counter in the Consulate General)

Subject to Rupees / Dirhams exchange rate & government of Pakistan instructions.

Visas are usually issued within 48 hours.

Duly filled in application form (available free of cost at the Consulate)

Two passport size photographs.

For Holders of UAE Resident Visas

Duly filled in application form (available free of cost at the Consulate)

Two passport size photographs.

Employees of business firms and multinational companies should attach recommendatory letters of their employer.

Non-Pakistani spouses of Pakistani nationals should attach copies of the marriage certificate (Nikah Nama) and passport or National Identity Card of their Pakistani spouse with the visa application.

For holders of nonresident visit/transit visas

Recommendatory letters of the business firm / multinational company / financial institute.

Application form (available free of cost at the Consulate)

Two passport size photographs.

No objection letter from Consulate / Embassy of the applicant's country of origin.

Invitation from Business contact in Pakistan (in case there is no Consulate / Embassy in UAE).

For all other non resident visit/transit visa holders

 Applications will be referred to concerned authorities in Pakistan for clearance.

Types of Visa:
Work visa:

Work visas will only be issued on receipt of approval from the concerned authorities, Government of Pakistan. The organization/company employing foreign nationals in Pakistan will apply directly to the government authorities and on obtaining their no objection the applicant will be issued a work visa for the period specified in the approval.

Student Visa:

Issued only after the approval of the concerned authorities, Government of Pakistan

Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan for admission on self financing basis.

Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan for scholarship holders.

Visa Fees:

UAE Nationals:

Single Entry    Dhs 205

Multiple entry  Dhs 505

Other Nationals:

Visa fees differs from country to country on a reciprocal basis.

Exemption of visa fees for the following countries:

Afghanistan, China, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Yugoslavia.