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Transportation - Getting Around in Muscat - Oman

Buses - Muscat


The Baisa Buses or maxi taxis are inexpensive. These buses/taxis are punctual, they adhere to schedules and are air conditioned (a must in Muscat). A major advantage of this service is that the driver drops each passenger wherever he or she wants. However, the result is that rides often take longer...

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Car for hire - Muscat

Car for hire

Renting a car in Muscat is easy and advisable. The city is very large, so it is impossible to enjoy your stay and explore the city without access to a car. Since public transportation in the city is virtually non-existent, and since many taxis do not use meters (inflating prices for non-Arabic...

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Driving Tips - Muscat

Driving Tips

While driving in Muscat, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, drivers must carry an international driving license on them at all times. It is mandatory to wear seat belts, and the use of cell phones is strictly disallowed while driving. Enforcement is shaky with regards to these...

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From the airport - Muscat

From the airport

From Muscat or Seeb International Airport, tourists can take a maxi taxi or Baisa Bus into central Muscat. Alternatively, tourists may take an orange and white taxi to their hotel. This ride should cost between 5 and 8 Omani Riyal. The airport is fairly close to Seeb, but if you are staying in...

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Taxi - Muscat


Taxis in Muscat can be differentiated by their distinctive orange and white color. Be sure to take a metered taxi in Muscat and to agree on a rate with the taxi driver before getting into the car. Rates are negotiable and taxi drivers often try to over charge passengers, especially tourists. You...

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