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Restaurants in Muscat - Oman

Al Tanoor - Muscat

Al Tanoor

This lovely, sophisticated restaurant serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is pricey but worth it. Customers can choose to be seated inside or outside, but either way, you should make reservations in advance. The décor is wonderful with Arabian tents and pottery, and you can see the...

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Al-Boom Restaurant - Muscat

Al-Boom Restaurant

This restaurant serves tasty food, but the atmosphere and location should be what draws you here. While eating, you will be able to look out of Al-Boom’s large windows overlooking Muscat’s harbor, providing a truly majestic view. This is also a good place to become more acquainted with...

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Al-Bulbul Restaurant and Coffee shop - Muscat

Al-Bulbul Restaurant and Coffee shop

For those on a budget this is a great place to grab some of the tastiest shawarma for lunch or dinner. Inside you will find mostly Arab and Turkish cuisine, and plenty of options if you want to grab a bite on the run.
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Address: Al Jaame Street, Ruwi, opposite...

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Al-Daleh Restaurant  - Muscat

Al-Daleh Restaurant

This destination will ensure you get the most for your money as dishes are of excellent quality and are served at more than reasonable prices. The dishes listed on the menu are international so all customers are bound to find something they will enjoy. The restaurant also has a little twist-many of...

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Automatic Restaurant - Muscat

Automatic Restaurant

For those on a budget this is a great place to grab some quality Lebanese cuisine. This is a chain franchise, with restaurants located all over Muscat. Easy on the pockets, the service is also remarkably good in this busy restaurant. As expected in any Lebanese café, the hummus, kebabs and falafel...

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Bait al Bahr - Muscat

Bait al Bahr

Bait al-Bahr is known for their seafood dishes. The restaurant looks out onto the beach providing a breath-taking view of the sea; the seafood also has a distinctly Omani taste, which adds to the unique experience of dining here. Starters include poached crab and tamarind dumplings,while main...

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Bin Atique - Muscat

Bin Atique

This restaurant will provide an authentic, cheap Omani experience. Be prepared when you come here-you will be served very traditionally Omani food (some people love Omani cuisine, others would prefer to stay away) and you will be seated on the floor in traditional style. The food here is exotic and...

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Capri Court - Muscat

Capri Court

Capri Court is another excellent destination for those seeking Italian food during their stay in Muscat. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out these high quality dishes, and you will always find a range of choices on the menu. Starters include poached lobster and other salads, main courses...

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