What to do with Children in Tow in Muscat

Children’s Museum

This museum was opened in 1990. It is a unique structure easily differentiated from its surroundings by its twin domes. The Children’s Museum is primarily a science museum with a focus on the environment and nature. For tourists travelling with their children, this is an ideal stop. The interactive exhibits are fantastic and children are able to participate in virtual tours.

Timings: Saturday- Wednesday 8.30 am - 1 pm, Thursday 9am-1pm, closed Fridays
Admission: 500 Baisas (Adults); 100 Baisas (Children)
Address: off Sultan Qaboos Street, A’Sarooj, Shatti Al Qurum, Way 2601

Natural History Museum

This museum is small and only a few collections are on display, but they are a must see. The museum sheds light on Muscat and Oman’s geography and geology. Plants and animals common to the area are on exhibit with a specific hall devoted to marine species and wildlife. An amazing exhibit is that of a skeleton of a sperm whale found in Muscat about 30 years ago. The botanical gardens are also lovely to walk through.

Timings: Saturday- Thursday 9.30 am– 1.30 pm, closed Fridays
Admission: 500 Baisas (Adults); 200 Baisas (Children); 100 Baisas (children below 6)
Address: Way 3413, Al Khuwair, Shatti al Quram
Tel: 24 641510

Al Riyam Park

This park is a haven of greenery within the city limits of Muscat. The park is just pass the Mutrah Fort, along the Corniche. Its most recognizable featured is the gigantic, ornamental incense burner that stands near its center. The views of the city from the park are truly stunning-tourists should take a moment to appreciate the scene from here while in Muscat.

Timings: Sat-Wed 4-11pm, Thurs-Fri 9am-12p
Address: Bahri Road, Mutrah
Admissions: None
Tel: None

Bandar Jissah

This is a clean and wonderful beach resort where children and adults alike are bound to enjoy themselves. The white sand is perfect for sand castles and the sparkling turquoise waters are great for swimming and boating.

Timings: Daily
Admission: 6 OMR
Address: Road from Ruwi, a few minutes away from the Oman Dive Centre, P.O.Box 199, Madinat al Sultan Qaboos
Tel: 24 9340096

Kalbuh Park

Another wonderful park for children to enjoy, Kalbuh Park is located in Mutrah close to the watchtower. There is ample space for children to play and a number of fun rides and swings.

Address: Al Bahri Road, Mutrah
Admission: Free
Timings: Saturday – Wednesday 4 P.M- 10 P.M; Thursday& Friday 9 A.M-12 P.M
Tel: None


This planetarium was built in 2000 and is attached to the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre. Open only two days a week, there is a fantastic one hour film that is shown here that children will love. Remember to book tickets in advance.

Address: Seih Al Maleh Street, Qurum between Petroleum Development Oman (PDO Gate No.2) and Oman Oil’s Main office
Admission: Varying prices; book in advance
Timings: Wednesday 5 & 7 P.M; Thursday 10 & 11 A.M
Tel: 24 675542

Qurum Park

This lively and beautiful park is a great haven for those looking to relax on their visit to Oman. The park is carefully planned and features beautiful landscaping, with ponds, plenty of shade, and a modern village exhibit to entertain those walking throughout the premises. Kids will enjoy this destination, especially the Ferris wheel within the park’s grounds. At night, the park is filled with Omani families, who view this location as a central gathering point for spending time with the family at night.

Address: Qurum
Timings: Sat-Wed 4-11pm, Thurs-Fri 9am-12pm
Admission: Free
Tel: None

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