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Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum

ImageAny tourist visiting Muscat must stop at this fantastic museum, which is located within the 150-year old Bait-al-Falaj fort, the original headquarters for Sultan Said bin Sultan’s armed forces. It displays Omani weapons and armory and also gives tourists an insight into Oman’s history, politics and relations with other international states and powers. All visiting heads of state take a trip to this famous landmark.

Timings: Saturday-Wednesday 9am.-2pm., Thursday 9am.-2pm. and 4-7pm. Friday 9-11am and 3.30-6pm
Admission: 1 OMR (Adults); 500 Baisas (Children)
Address: Located in Bait Al Falaj, Al Mujamma Street, Ruwi
Tel: 24 312642


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