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Omani French Museum

ImageNostalgia about an era gone by (the 19th century in particular) is evoked in this rather interesting museum. Tourists are able to learn from the exhibits and galleries showcasing Oman’s unique relationship with France, a former colonial power. The pictures of early French diplomats are also on display along with an interesting collection of postage stamps. This museum was opened in 1992 in a house almost 200 years old, which once served as the French Consul.

Timings: Saturday-Thursday 9am - 1pm & 4- 6pm (Oct- March) and Friday 4-6pm (Oct-March)
Admission: 500 Baisas (Adults); 200 Baisas (Children)
Address: Located in Lane 9310, Qasr-al-Alam Street, Old Muscat
Tel: 24 736613


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