National Museum

This museum showcases Omani culture and history by featuring various exhibits. Showpieces range from jewelry, Omani dress and costumes to carpets, furniture, dowry chests, murals, and boats. Also housed within the National Museum’s walls are portraits and paintings of the Al-Abu-Said rulers as well as ancient manuscripts and letters, the most remarkable of which is a letter by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) inviting the then ruler of Oman to embrace Islam. The museum was opened in 1978.

Timings: Saturday - Thursday 9 .30am - 1.30 pm &  4- 6 pm (Oct- March), Friday 5-7pm
Admission: 500 Baisas (Adults); 200 Baisas (Children)
Address: Located above Islamic Library, Way 3123 An-Noor Street, Ruwi

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