Taxis are mad expensive. Minimum charges of 80 NOK apply and at night times this can double to 160 NOK. Short trips can cost an outrageous 100 NOK so using other modes of transport (trains, buses) is a better choice. Taxis are usually spacious Volvo’s or Mercedes. To avoid being outrageously ripped off, use either Oslo Taxi or NorgesTaxi as these are the more reliable companies. Either way, however, prepare to be ripped off.
All taxi companies have a starting fee (which can sometimes range from 0-160 NOK) and a fee per km. Rates vary by time of day. The lowest rate is the day rate, from 6:00am -6:00pm. The next is the evening and night rate from 6:00pm to 6:00am and the last is on Saturday’s after 18.00 till Monday 06.00, but different companies do have different time frames. All taxis accept Visa and MasterCard.