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Transportation - Getting Around in Oslo - Norway

Bike for Hire - Oslo

Bike for Hire

Another way to navigate Oslo is to rent a bicycle, which is very easy. The Oslo Citybike service (+47 22 02 34 88)  leases bikes for three hour periods at multiple stations throughout the city. By checking in every three hours, you can functionally rent a bike for the entire day. To use the...

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Buses - Oslo


From 5am to 1am the bus and tram network around Oslo is in operation. Tickets purchased on trams and buses can be used interchangeably. Tram lines run every 10 minutes in the morning, and every 20 minutes at night. The main tram station is in Jernbanetorget, which is where the main bus and train...

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Car for Hire - Oslo

Car for Hire

Hiring a car in Oslo is probably unnecessary since the city is fairly small and the public transportation system is excellent. Renting a car can also be very expensive, and gas prices in Oslo are notably higher than they are in North America and even many parts of Europe. Parking is also a...

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Driving Tips - Oslo

Driving Tips

Driving in Oslo is fairly straightforward, although it is generally preferable to use the public transportation system. While traffic in Oslo is common (especially during rush hours from 0700-0900 and 1500-1800), the city tends to be less congested than most European cities. Navigating Oslo can be...

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From the Airport - Oslo

From the Airport

There are three conventional ways to get from the Oslo airport to the city center. The high speed airport express train, Flytoget, is by far the easiest method and takes under twenty minutes to reach the city. Trains depart every ten minutes with a standard cost of 200 NOK that can be reduced based...

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Metro - Oslo


The metro, in Norwegian is the Tunnelbane or just T-bane. Oslo has 6 main lines, one of which (Ringen) is the ring or loop line, which circles from northern Oslo to the centre and back.
All stations except three on Ringen (Sinsen, Storo and Nydalen) have separate entrances and platforms for...

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Taxi - Oslo


Taxis are mad expensive. Minimum charges of 80 NOK apply and at night times this can double to 160 NOK. Short trips can cost an outrageous 100 NOK so using other modes of transport (trains, buses) is a better choice. Taxis are usually spacious Volvo’s or Mercedes. To avoid being outrageously...

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