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Shopping in Oslo - Norway

Aker Brygge - Oslo

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is a trendy seaside food court and shopping center with a bustling atmosphere. It includes shops and bars in addition to restaurants and is one of Oslo’s most popular attractions.

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Byporten - Oslo


Byporten This shopping center is easily accessible and is connected to Oslo’s Central Station. It is one of the city’s newest shopping centers and has traditional designer stores in addition to stores geared towards travelers.

Address: Jernbanetorget 6Read More

Glasmagasinet - Oslo


This old department store is a location where you can find souvenirs, kitchenware, china, and much more. The store is one of the most visited by locals is also a good location for more general, main-stream shopping.

Address: Stortorvet 9, OsloRead More

Gronland Bazaar  - Oslo

Gronland Bazaar

This Middle-Eastern style bazaar should be an enjoyable way to spend a portion of your day exploring the wide variety of goods offered here.

Address: Toyengata 2, Gronland
Tel: +47 22-17-05-71

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Heimen Husflid - Oslo

Heimen Husflid

Here you will find many traditional and modern Norwegian items and apparel in a variety of styles. Sweaters, folk costumes, and brass goods await in abundance. The store is conveniently located only a block from Karl Johans Gate.

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House of Oslo - Oslo

House of Oslo

This shopping center opened fairly recently and focuses on interior design. The center features over twenty stores, each with their own theme and style. This upscale destination has become one of the finest interior design centers in Europe.

Address: Ruselokkveien...

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Norway Designs - Oslo

Norway Designs

this store features an exhibition of Norwegian crafts and upscale merchandise, including jewelry, crystal, pewter, and more. The designs here are innovative and the store worth a trip.

Location: Stortingsgaten 28
Tel: +47 23-11-45-10

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Oslo City Shopping Center - Oslo

Oslo City Shopping Center

Oslo City Shopping Center is Oslo’s most visited shopping center and offers a wide range of stores to satisfy your shopping needs. The shopping center is located just across the street from the city’s central station.

Location: Stenersgata 1Read More


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