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Restaurants in Oslo - Norway

Ali Baba Restaurant,  - Oslo

Ali Baba Restaurant,

This restaurant is located inside the Gronland Bazaar and is a Turkish outfit a full and diverse menu of Turkish dishes. The price is reasonable and the environment friendly. If you have a larger party, the restaurant has room to accommodate the reservation.


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Bagatelle - Oslo


This restaurant has long been considered one of Oslo’s, and Norway’s, finest. Seafood dominates the menu, which features market-fresh ingredients and creative dishes. Excellent chefs and ambiance only add to the allure of this establishment.

The restaurant was recently closed due...

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Ekeberg - Oslo


this restaurant was entirely redesigned in the 1990s and is one of Oslo’s most modern and finest dining establishments. The beautiful view of the Oslo fjord is said to have inspired Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Seafood is the primary item on the menu, and the desserts will not disappoint.Read More

Feinschmecker - Oslo


This is one of Oslo’s top restaurants, and is known for its antique style, although the building is quite modern. The quality of the food here is excellent, and the preparation very detailed and presented beautifully. The menu changes frequently, so you never quite know what you will catch. One...

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Grand Café - Oslo

Grand Café

This classic venue was once one of the most chic dining locations in all of Oslo. It attracted famous artists, diplomats, and heads of state. Today, the café relies heavily on its tradition and is furnished from within accordingly. the dining selections are strong but not exemplary; this venue...

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Kampen Bistro - Oslo

Kampen Bistro

A short drive from the city center will land you at this restaurant, which has become a formidable neighborhood bistro. The lively atmosphere here makes it an enjoyable place to eat, and you will often find that free concerts take place at the restaurant. With tasty food to add to good service,...

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Markveien Mat og Vinhus - Oslo

Markveien Mat og Vinhus

This restaurant is one of the most authentic Oslovian eateries you will find in the city. Excellent service and a large menu are hallmarks of this establishment-you will not be disappointed by the sauces that accompany the majority of the meals here. The restaurant uses local food primarily, has a...

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Mucho Mas - Oslo

Mucho Mas

This might not be the most original eating establishment in Oslo, but it certainly does its best to make up for it by offering heaping portions of Mexican food to its customers. Drinks are well-priced here, and a wide variety of vegetarian options help make this restaurant attractive to those...

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