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Hotels in Oslo - Norway

Anker Hostel - Oslo

Anker Hostel

Anker hostel is located only a short walk from the city center. The hostel has nice amenities, including private restrooms, a bar, and laundry service. The hostel also has a reception desk that sells snacks. Breakfast is not free, and you must rent your linens (sleeping bags are forbidden), so this...

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Carlton Hotel - Oslo

Carlton Hotel

Though it has seen better days, the Carlton Hotel is still a popular destination for tourists traveling to Oslo. The staff is known for being incredibly friendly, which makes the Carlton distinct from some of its peers in the city. The building is a bit old and rooms are not the cleanest you will...

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Grand Hotel Oslo - Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo

One of the most luxurious hotels in Oslo, the Grand Hotel dates back to 1874. Most bedrooms are modern and typical, with the exception of the “ladies floor,” which features rooms decorated by wealthy Norwegian celebrities. The hotel is directly across from Parliament and overlooks the main...

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Grims Grenka - Oslo

Grims Grenka

This five star hotel is located in the center of the city, only a few hundred meters from the nearest metro stop. Oslo’s only design hotel, the Grims Grenka is an excellent choice for families with kids in tow. Each room is designed based on the life of a famous Scandinavian, giving rooms a...

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Haraldsheim Youth Hostel - Oslo

Haraldsheim Youth Hostel

One of the biggest hostels in the area, Haraldsheim is four kilometers from the city center and is easily accessible by bus. Its location makes it a great hostel for those interested in outdoor activities. Breakfast is included in the overall price, although linens are not and sleeping bags are not...

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Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica - Oslo

Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica

This four star hotel has one of the finest views of any hotel in Oslo. Located in Holmenkollen district, this hotel features both new and old components. The old component relies heavily on traditional Norwegian architecture and is a sight to behold; however, customers reside in the newer portion...

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Holtekilen Hostel - Oslo

Holtekilen Hostel

This hostel is located 8 kilometers from the city center in a beautiful, green area. The surroundings are quiet and the hostel has good amenities, with breakfast included in the price. Great for outdoor activities, you are also only fifteen minutes outside the city center by train. However, the...

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Hotel Continental Oslo - Oslo

Hotel Continental Oslo

This five-star hotel is located between the National Theatre and Aker Brygge and is considered by many to be Oslo’s best. This family-run hotel has a large Vienna-style café, mouth-watering breakfast, and a great bar lobby. The beautiful rooms are serviced excellently. Though expensive, at the...

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